Monday, August 18, 2008

My Kitchen - Oh How I Miss Thee!

Matt and I are temporarily living with his parents right now...which is totally throwing me off in more ways than one. We sold our house and are looking for a new one, and I miss my kitchen like you wouldn't believe. And it wasn't even a great kitchen, really. Nice, but nothing fabulous. But it was MINE.

While I am still cooking a few nights a week, I have to say, it is not the same. I miss my stove. I miss my pots. I miss my pans. I miss my mixer. I miss my mini-prep. God, I miss my mini-prep. Why hadn't I thought of bringing it to the in-law's?

Hopefully I will get out of this funk and bring you some delicious dishes soon, live via satelite from in-lawville. Or, better yet, hopefully soon enough I will be bringing you some new treats from my very own kitchen.