Thursday, November 1, 2007

Caramel Apples

I wanted to bring in a treat for my homeroom students (I teach 7th grade), but I didn't want it to be candy...I figured they would get enough of that. So, I decided to make caramel apples as a nice alternative to the pounds of candy they will most likely consume.

I started with 3 packages of caramel squares. I heated over a double boil with a little milk. I didn't measure the milk, I just added a little bit at a time until it was the right consistency. Once mixed, I kept on the heat (low heat) and stuck craft sticks into all of my apples. My apples had been refrigereatd, which I was a tip I read online last week.

I dipped the apples in the caramel, and then I rolled them through a plate of rainbow sprinkles (or, where I come from, jimmies!). I placed the apples on a greased (with Pam) baking sheet in the fridge to set. Later that night, I wrapped them with wax paper and tied with an orange ribbon.

The apples were such a hit yesterday, I was the coolest teacher at school...for a day!!

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