Monday, October 22, 2007

Matt Makes Dinner

Earlier this afternoon, my husband called me to tell me he wanted to make dinner. I was all for it! He was planning to pick up some steak. Perfect! We hadn't had red meat in quite some time, so I was looking forward to a nice, juicy steak, and also a night off from scrubbing pots and pans and the like.

He did a nice job, after all, he is certainly not a gourmet. But, then again, neither am I. He chose a Delmonico steak (wouldn't have been my choice, too fatty, but it was good nonetheless), brown rice (he even cooked it in beef broth), and canned green beans (eehh, whatever).

Now, he only got one steak, but it was a HUGE, monsterous slab of beef! So, he asked me how much I wanted, and I replied with something like "well, not as much as you." He took that and ran with it, as you can see in the portion sizes below!!!



Oh how I love him! My silly, silly husband!

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