Thursday, October 4, 2007

Buffalo Chicken Sausage with Wedge Salad

At the store earlier this week, I picked up some buffalo chicken sausage. I was excited to try it, as the many flavors of chicken sausage intrigue me so! I grilled the sausage, and served with a wedge salad and celery. For the salad, I wedged iceberg lettuce, and topped with light blue cheese dressing, crumbled turkey bacon, and sliced cherry tomatoes. I also served some celery sticks, and topped the buffalo sausage with crumbled blue cheese.

The sausage was OK. The taste was good, but the texture was a little strange. My husband and I are used to (and love) the Trader Joe’s variety of chicken sausage, but not this brand, which happened to be “Al Fresco.” Perhaps it was just this particular flavor? We’ll see if I give that brand another try…

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